Rechtsanwälte aus Mülheim in den Themen Arbeitsrecht, Verkehrsrecht, Mietrecht und Strafrecht. Auch in anderen Bereichen können wir Ihnen gerne und zuverlässig weiterhelfen.

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Focal points

Employment Law

Especially in dismissal protection proceedings, warnings, claims for wages and all other claims from the employment relationship.

Civil Law

Especially in the area of ​​contract law, withdrawal from (purchase) contracts, claims for compensation for pain and suffering and other claims in the area of ​​liability law.

Traffic Law

In particular, traffic accidents, claims settlement, notices of fines and other claims in the area of ​​traffic law, including criminal traffic law.

Administrative law

Challenging official decisions, in particular notices, claims from subsidy and state aid law, business registrations and more.

Criminal law

In particular in the case of hit-and-run, drunk driving, endangering road traffic, fraud or theft.

Tenancy law

Especially in the case of termination, utility bills, entitlement to rent reduction and damages.


Mülheim an der Ruhr, Wasserstr. 3 (2nd floor)