Fine notice

Have you received a fine notice?

Act quickly and call us without obligation so that we can examine your case and process it for you. Whether you are accused of speeding or driving through a red traffic light: we will represent you as best we can and check the fine notice for you.

Traffic accident

Have you had a traffic accident?

Feel free to call us, we will take care of your request quickly and easily and take over the correspondence with the opposing insurance company. We specialize in accident handling and know what rights you are entitled to.

Criminal Law

Are you a suspect in criminal proceedings because you are accused of hit-and-run or drunk driving?

We will, of course, represent you in criminal proceedings and also take care of your case during the preliminary proceedings in order to be able to defend you in the best possible way.

Car purchase

Have you bought a new car and are now having trouble with your new vehicle? We tell you which warranty rights and other rights you are now entitled to.